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May 31, 2020

Dr. Anthony Chafee, MD is an American doctor specializing in Neurosurgery with a particular interest in how diet and nutrition affects overall health and chronic disease. Dr. Chaffee has volunteered overseas as well. He is also an All American rugby player and was a professional player in England and America. He has seen firsthand the massive role nutrition plays in the body's ability to perform at high levels and credits it for helping keep him playing rugby well into his 30s. He continues on with his specialization in neurosurgery, but he also participates in a functional medicine and endocrinology practice, focusing on diet and lifestyle changes as well as other factors in order to maximize the health and well-being of patients, so they don't need surgery or drastic medical interventions in the future. Clinical research is also a passion, and he is in the process of organizing clinical trials showing how a high-fat carnivore diet as a treatment modality can help or even reverse many of the so-called chronic diseases that we now face. He corrently resides in Kirkland, Washington. You can find Dr. Chaffee on Twitter: @anthony_chaffee, and IG: @anthonychaffeemd.