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Apr 24, 2020

Philip Ovadia, MD After growing up in New York, Dr. Ovadia graduated from the accelerated Pre-Med/Med program at the Pennsylvania State University and Jefferson Medical College (now Sidney Kimmel School of Medicine). He then went on to complete a Residency in General Surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry on New Jersey - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and a Fellowship in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Tufts-New England Medical School. Dr. Ovadia has practiced Cardiothoracic Surgery in Beaver, PA and Clearwater, Florida. In 2020 he established Ovadia Cardiothoracic Surgery and now works as an independent contractor Cardiothoracic Surgeon in various locations throughout the United States. In an effort to overcome his lifelong struggle with obesity, Dr. Ovadia adopted a low-carbohydrate focused way of eating in 2015. He has maintained a weight loss of approximately 100 pounds and since March, 2019 has adopted a carnivorous way of eating. He has extensively researched the health benefits of low-carb with a focus on heart health through many hours of reading the medical literature, books and listening to podcasts, as well as personal discussions with many of the physician leaders and citizens scientists involved in the low-carb movement. He currently curates the research section of, a leading online platform focused on the Carnivore way of eating, established by Dr. Shawn Baker. Dr. Ovadia is in the process of launching an online, Telehealth practice that will focus on the prevention and treatment of heart disease utilizing lifestyle and dietary modification. He will incorporate his hands-on, clinical experience with heart disease and the personal insights he has gained in his own struggle with obesity. Dr. Ovadia currently lives in Florida with his wonderful wife and 2 amazing daughters, aged 7 and 9. You can find Dr. Ovadia on Twitter: @ifixhearts This episode is hosted by Dr. Shawn Baker MD. Find him at